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Who am I?
My name is Lusine. And I am ICF coach.
ICF (International Coach Federation) is an international coaching organization that has standardized the work of coaches for already 25 years.

I have been working with people for 11 years and I consider my specialization as the establishment of communications. Whether it is communication using the media, communication with children in the learning process, sales, or individual coaching work. Recently, I have been studying the work of the brain and neurobiology in order to understand people even better and deeper and most importantly to help other people understand themselves and their environment.

During my life, I have worked in a PR agency, as a children's tutor, as a project manager in IT company. On every position I had to work closely with people in different aspects. The had absolutely different tempers, characters, statuses, backgrounds, etc.

Coaching became a logical continuation of it and as it turned out in coaching I can bring maximum benefit to people.

What is coaching?
So what the coaching really is?

At the beginning of the site, you might have seen the expression "CHANGING YOUR BRAINS' STRUCTURE AND ACHIEVEING YOUR GOALS TOGETHER".

Our brain is a perfect anticipation machine.

If I lay on the couch and perhaps before that I was lying on the couch, too, then it will be very easy for me to anticipate (extrapolate) my further lying on the couch. I just know how to do it. I'm a pro of lying on the couch! I have a couple of medals for the best lying on the couch somewhere. There are no problems here.

But, if previously I was lying on the couch, and then suddenly I wanted something else – in this case there might be some problems. I was on one straight line, and then I suddenly wanted to change the grade.

Your head may want to, but the intention is not extended. There is no energy to perform any actions.

This is called the extrapolation curve.

And to solve such problems, coaching was invented! It helps to move towards those goals that your body doesn't know how to achieve yet.

Coaching is the art of asking the right questions, at the right time, in the right space. We structurally change the brain and make it a human brain that goes towards the goal.

For 10-12 weeks we get "my past as a person walking towards the goal" (before that my past was a person lying on the couch). And then after achieving a few goals with coaching, we change the brain, and it becomes a human brain that achieves goals and enjoys it. In coaching, neurobiologically all the parts are built in such way to make this whole structure work correct.

Requests I work with
How to maintain balance in life?
How to learn to say "no" to people?
How to find my professional purpose?
What can I do to build my career?
How can I know what I want?
How to make the right choice if I am torn between several options?
Go freelancing or stay hired?
How to start my own business?
I plan a lot and do little. What can I do about it?
How to be as productive as possible?
How to build relationships within teams?
How to learn to lead a team?
Why me?
communication experience
11 years of experience working with people
coaching training
130 hours of coaching training
coaching practice
More than 130 hours of coaching practice
brain work neurobiology
I study Neurobiology at the program of the University of Chicago
life changes
40% of my clients said I changed their lives
psychology books
Huge amount books on psychology studied
I am not an adherent of philosophy and I like to get practical results even in working with people. I get real pleasure when people who I work with have real life changes.

In coaching, I do not welcome work for several years, but I work exclusively with a person's request. My task is to teach a person how to work without a coach. As my mentor said: "A person comes to coaching as one person and leaves as another person." I adhere to this approach as much as possible.

Not coaching
What will NOT happen in sessions with me:
1. Giving advices. In NO WAY should a coach give you advice and tell you how to live.

2. Neuro-linguistic programming. Coaching is not NLP (although many people use it). According to the standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the use of NLP in coaching sessions is prohibited. You can use some NLP tools ONLY WITH THE CONSENT OF THE CLIENT.

3. Motivating slogans. Coaching is not about motivation. The client's motivation in a coach session can be supported by the coach's trust and non-judgmental dialogue, but not by motivating slogans "Come on, you can, no matter what", "Just get up and do it", etc.

4. Research on psychological trauma. Coaching is not about researching your past trauma. This is about how having this trauma you can build your present and future.

5. Psychotherapy. A coach is not a parent or a psychotherapist. The coach will not decide for you how to behave and tell you what is bad and what is good. The responsibility for your results lies on you. The coach is your partner who stands next to you, not behind or in front. He can highlight a road for you that you cannot see, but it is up to you to follow it or find something else.

6. Esoterics. Coaching is not esoterics. The coach's main tools are the questions he asks you. No more than that.

How everything works?
Sign up for the first free session
You sign up for a free installation session using the form below. We agree with you about the time of the session.
Investigation of your request
In the session, you tell me your request, and we investigate what you really want.
Plan developing
If you decide to continue, we will work with you to develop a rough plan to achieve your goal. If desired, we conclude a Confidentiality Agreement with you.
Payment for the session package
You pay for a package for 6 sessions, and we start working with you. The cost of the work is negotiated individually at a free installation session.
In case you want to interrupt cooperation for any reason, I will return the money for the remaining sessions to you.
Plan reconciliation
For each session, we will set our own small goal for the session, which will bring you closer to the big goal. During the sessions we will check whether we have chosen the right plan.
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*the package is for 6 weeks work
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